Obama bin Biden ’08

Well, it’s official!  Despite his supporters not getting that all important “FIRST TO KNOW” text message on time,  Obama has officially announced that his running mate is Senator Joe Biden (D-Delaware).  So, in honor of this announcement I have created a special graphic that I have made available on a wide variety of products.  Featured below is the bumper sticker I put together that you can purchase individually, or in bulk to give to your friends and neighbors who are just saying NObama in ‘08…

Get your Obama bin Biden bumper sticker today - click here

3 Responses to “Obama bin Biden ’08”

  1. o no you didn't Says:

    hold on a minunte how can you say obama is no substance have you seen mccain r you blind and also who spells two like this tow i thought so and mccain is first of all 2 old to be president he needs a life alert and he is a bigger celebrity than obama he’s been on jay leno 13 times and a few movies and he is also a hipocrite he is some what of a celebrity him self yet he decides to pick a woman with less experience than get this OBAMA and he dares to attack obama’s integerty when he cheated on his first wife in multiple affairs obama is the way to go and i now that some people are ticked just because obama did not pick hilary but doing that would have completly ignored his change policy.

  2. Admin Says:

    ROFL… Someone who uses absolutely no punctuation, or capital letters for the length of their entire comment, and won’t even take the time to spell out 3-letter words is going to lecture me on one typo? I think not. If you would like someone to take you seriously take the time to present your ideas in an intelligent and coherent manner. You should also try to investigate the issue you are reading about and reflect on the information you find. Strive to seek out unbiased sources. If a claim seems outlandish, or like a slander – investigate it yourself before you dismiss things. Then be prepared to state your case should you wish to debate something with someone.

    Obama could not pass a Military-grade Security Level Clearance, and you want to put him in Washington? You want to put someone who calls Terrorists, Communists, Racists, and criminals his “friends”, “mentors”, “campaign advisors”, “fund raisers”, and “spiritual advisors” in charge of our country and our military?

    You all accuse Bush of being a terrorist and then completely ignore the KNOWN TERRORISTS that are operating WITHIN Obama’s campaign? THAT is the epitome of blindness. And it’s dangerous as well.

    Please take a moment to read just a FEW of the things I have posted on this website. Take the time to follow the links and you will see where I have cited all of my sources. Take the time to learn the truth about your “Obamessiah”. Unless of course you think that Communism and Marxism are the way you want the U.S. to go. Please bear in mind what happened to Venezuela, and their constitution, and all of their rights, and don’t be so naive to think it couldn’t happen here. That’s what folks in Germany thought about Hitler, and folks in Russia thought about Stalin & Lenin, and people in China thought about Mao Tse-Tung, too!

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