Video: CNBC’s Santelli & Chicago Traders React to Obama’s “Pay the Loser’s Mortgage” Plan

I just had to share this video with everyone…

On a CNBC show this morning one of their economics correspondants who regularly reports from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange decided to really tell the world how he feels about Obama’s proposed Mortgage Bailout…

In the interest of time, which I have been severely lacking lately, I will let this exchange — where normally silent traders actually can’t resist getting a few words in themselves with — speak for me on this issue, too.

santellicnbcvideoimageClick the picture above, to go to the CNBC site and view the video.

Oh — I almost forgot!!!

Mr. Santelli – if you’re serious about that ‘Chicago Tea Party’ I propose you hold it on July 4th…  We could all meet up on Rush Street Beach with a package of Tea Bags each, and then when we’re done we can all head over to Taste of Chicago, and view the Fireworks!  Count me in!

In fact, if this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in as well – perhaps we should all drop Mr. Santelli a line over at CNBC — here is a link to the CNBC Feedback page.


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