America finds out who their “real” Facebook Friends are…

I guess this has been happening for a while now over on Facebook, but then I don’t know how many people are on the site.  It seems to me that recently a LOT of people — like myself have logged on, seen a few friends, and gotten back in touch…  But, let me warn you — it’s a jungle out there for the novice “Facebookee” when one gets in touch with old friends, and at times some not so “old” friends, too.

You see, the Obama “War” has spread to that corner of the interwebs and was in rare form today — well, I guess it’s yesterday now as I write this.  I’ve just come from the very trenches and there are a few things I can say with first-hand experience…

Both sides of the “Obamacare” Battle within this “Obamawar” have staked their ground, and at times have called for reinforcements…  Although it seems that those in favor of government-regulated, and controlled, and OWNED Healthcare have a rather quick temper, and were the ones calling in for backup and ridiculing others who didn’t “go with the program” today.  Score one for the “good guys” today, IMHO.

Today I have seen grown adults acting like children, unable to control their spite and hatred.  They proceed to seethe with their words, all the while telling each other that it is the other “group” of people — “those people” — who were the ones who are heartless, and cruel.

A small, very sarcastic part of my being – which makes me feel like praying for forgiveness – watches with glee when the most innocuous of statements causing all manner of twitching and accusations among my extended family of friends and acquaintances on the internet.  Say one word — even about HOW people are “fighting” in this battle of words and you become the focus and the target of their rage.

I also noticed that sometimes it was the very people who brought up the whole healthcare debate, or encouraged, and supported outlandish statements, such as those recently printed in the Huffington Post, the posts on Democratic Underground, and other left-friendly publications.

It was those same people, who were in too many cases, then backing down right away with no real information — nothing but spite.  It felt as if they would feign not wanting to talk about it, or debate anything.  It felt as if they perhaps preferred instead to stay within their “comfort zone”.   (Hmm… where have I heard that phrase before?  Oh, yeah, Michelle Obama when she announced what her husband was going to “make us do”.)

Anyway, today I found out who not to click on when I see the “add a friend” button in a different way than usual, and to tell you the truth, I am grateful for that…  It’s painful to see your new and old friends wrapped up in the song and dance that is the pseudo-messiah, Obama.

Well, that the risk you take when you stand up for what you believe in I guess.  Everyone is bound to feel the pain in one way or another…  However, I would rather lose a few friends, and feel a little pain versus feeling a lot of pain later on for having said nothing of how I feel about this administration, and this plan to gather everyone into a bureaucratic nightmare that would be the Federally owned Healthcare system.  At least I can look my children in the eyes…


Obama Decides to Withdraw from Iraq ~ Sets 16-Month Timetable

Obama is wasting no time getting busy with the changes he has planned for our country.

Regarding the Iraq War — a Major was reported to receive word during an interview with FOX News that Obama has decided to withdraw U.S. Troops from Iraq, and has set a time table of 16 months for all troops to be out.  At this time I would like to remind all of our brave service-men and -women, that there is fully half of the nation (if not many more) that do not agree with this step taken by President Obama.  Many of us will always be grateful for the sacrifices of yourselves, and your families over the last 7 1/2 years (and for some of you even longer) — I know my family will be part of that group of thankful citizens.  We won’t forget.

Official word is reported to be scheduled for public announcement by President Obama and/or his staff tomorrow morning.  Another aspect of this that is simply astounding is the sheer disregard for the Iraqis that the “lefties” have worried so much about since this war began.  They are leaving them in the hands of the terrorists, with a “newborn” government and country.  We still have rebuilding efforts to accomplish, and even our troops have asked for us to allow them to finish their jobs within the country.

It is very unfortunate that President Bush was perhaps not more vocal in light of his critics on the issue of this war, although I don’t blame him for what can only be viewed as a political opposition force that was ruthless and supported in their propaganda by the MSM.  This will truly all be on Obama’s shoulders, and honestly I don’t think he cares what it means for the U.S. because it means his dictator buddies’ friends will have the pressure eased.  It will also give them an exact timetable for when we are withdrawing — is Obama really stupid enough to think that they won’t wait for us to be gone, and then attack again?  If it’s one thing the Islamic Radical Hirabists have shown over the last few decades, it is that they are very patient.

Personally I think this decision is a slap in the face to every soldier and civilian who has served in Iraq over the last 7 years.  It is absolutely unforgiveable to treat our soldiers in this way.  And, it is very irresponsible of him to ignore the judgement of many of our military’s leaders who are on the ground in Iraq and know exactly where we stand.  Obama strikes me as someone who is either stubborn to a fault when it comes to certain issues – or, as has been suggested many times in Conservative circles, is Obama really on the side of our enemies in the WoT, and how could he really have our best interests at heart when he makes decisions like this.

I’ll cover this more tomorrow with the official announcement.  In the meantime, you can read an ongoing thread over on FreeRepublic.  Seeing as there are a lot of Military and Civilian Military Support Personnel and Families that frequent the site I would expect the comments will be pretty raw right now.  This will not go over well at all with many of the bravest citizens in our country whom we all owe a great debt of gratitude to…  You can read more information here: “Obama Giving Up in Iraq; To Make it Official Tomorrow; All [Brigades] Out In 16-Months“.

Obama bin Biden ’08

Well, it’s official!  Despite his supporters not getting that all important “FIRST TO KNOW” text message on time,  Obama has officially announced that his running mate is Senator Joe Biden (D-Delaware).  So, in honor of this announcement I have created a special graphic that I have made available on a wide variety of products.  Featured below is the bumper sticker I put together that you can purchase individually, or in bulk to give to your friends and neighbors who are just saying NObama in ‘08…

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An Apology

Hello, everyone.

I just wanted to apologize for not being able to keep up this blog.  I’ve been crazy-busy lately with the kids not being in (home)school right now (plus, I’ve been planning stuff for the upcoming year).

I’m hoping to be able to at least post some good links and summaries every few days, so please feel free to return again, soon.

Thanks for your understanding!


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