VIDEO: Barack Obama The Racist – In His Own Words

The following video leave no doubt – at least in my mind – that Barack Obama is a racist. This video was put together using Barack Obama’s own words in reading his book “Dreams from My Father – A Story of Race & Inheritance” on audio. The tone of voice, and what he writes is shocking, and disturbing. The portions of his book are also displayed on screen, and you will be able to see which passages were conveniently left out of the audio book as well.

Obama’s own words are also juxtaposed with various clips of interviews with Barack, his wife, and other members of his campaign staff. After watching some sections of this video you will definitely see that there is no “change” when it comes to Obama. Indeed, it is politics as usual – if not worse, as it’s tainted with racism.

Another very interesting thing that will become apparent as you watch this video is that the race-baiting Obama is perpetrating in regards to his detractors is a political trick. He has seen this done to others, and has now turned the tables. Barack knows that if he charges his opponents with racism it will cover for a multitude of shortcomings on his part… Sickeningly clever, IMHO.

Here is the video – you can press play and watch it right here, or double click and watch it at YouTube…