VIDEO: Obama on My Shoulder

I’ve watched quite a few videos online at YouTube and other places since the campaigns started. Some poignant, some funny, most worth watching… It’s also a great diversion from reading once in a while – especially if it affords a laugh or two.

So, today I’d like to point you to a rather funny video by Hamnation. Many of you have probably already heard Obama’s quote telling us that we can’t continue to eat “as much as we want”, or drive our SUVs, or keep our thermostats at 72 degrees… Instead, Obama wants the government to get even more involved in your lives, and make those kinds of decisions for you (one wonders how he will enforce this)!

Indeed, if he could, he’d love to sit on your shoulder – waiting to point out everything you’re doing wrong, and what he thinks you should do instead. Better yet, he’ll involve the alphabet-soup government agencies to dictate to you the guidelines you should live by! [Incidentally, if you’re feeling a little worried about that, don’t worry… you are perfectly normal – it’s those people who consider this a GOOD idea that we should worry about!]

So without further ado, I bring you a link the latest installment of “Hamnation” on…

“Obama on My Shoulder”