The Audacity of Truth – Barack Hussein Obama

While I am busy getting information together for publication on this site, I would like to direct you to a great website written by Jeff Head. It is titled, The Audacity of Truth – Barack Hussein Obama“, and includes much of the same types of information you will eventually be able to find here.

Among the things Jeff has written about are Obama’s flip-flops, in his own words, and those of his supporters. You will find out about his associations with those of dubious character – from convicted felons to domestic terrorists. And, last but not least, a very in-depth look at the belief structure of Black Liberation Theology of which Obama learned about and supported during his near 20 years under the spiritual mentorship of Reverend Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

I invite you all to take a quick trip over to Jeff’s site, and learn a little more TRUTH about Obama!

The Audacity of Truth – Barack Hussein Obama
by Jeff Head

PS – He’s also got a great selection of anti-Obama bumper stickers available!
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