Obama Decides to Withdraw from Iraq ~ Sets 16-Month Timetable

Obama is wasting no time getting busy with the changes he has planned for our country.

Regarding the Iraq War — a Major was reported to receive word during an interview with FOX News that Obama has decided to withdraw U.S. Troops from Iraq, and has set a time table of 16 months for all troops to be out.  At this time I would like to remind all of our brave service-men and -women, that there is fully half of the nation (if not many more) that do not agree with this step taken by President Obama.  Many of us will always be grateful for the sacrifices of yourselves, and your families over the last 7 1/2 years (and for some of you even longer) — I know my family will be part of that group of thankful citizens.  We won’t forget.

Official word is reported to be scheduled for public announcement by President Obama and/or his staff tomorrow morning.  Another aspect of this that is simply astounding is the sheer disregard for the Iraqis that the “lefties” have worried so much about since this war began.  They are leaving them in the hands of the terrorists, with a “newborn” government and country.  We still have rebuilding efforts to accomplish, and even our troops have asked for us to allow them to finish their jobs within the country.

It is very unfortunate that President Bush was perhaps not more vocal in light of his critics on the issue of this war, although I don’t blame him for what can only be viewed as a political opposition force that was ruthless and supported in their propaganda by the MSM.  This will truly all be on Obama’s shoulders, and honestly I don’t think he cares what it means for the U.S. because it means his dictator buddies’ friends will have the pressure eased.  It will also give them an exact timetable for when we are withdrawing — is Obama really stupid enough to think that they won’t wait for us to be gone, and then attack again?  If it’s one thing the Islamic Radical Hirabists have shown over the last few decades, it is that they are very patient.

Personally I think this decision is a slap in the face to every soldier and civilian who has served in Iraq over the last 7 years.  It is absolutely unforgiveable to treat our soldiers in this way.  And, it is very irresponsible of him to ignore the judgement of many of our military’s leaders who are on the ground in Iraq and know exactly where we stand.  Obama strikes me as someone who is either stubborn to a fault when it comes to certain issues – or, as has been suggested many times in Conservative circles, is Obama really on the side of our enemies in the WoT, and how could he really have our best interests at heart when he makes decisions like this.

I’ll cover this more tomorrow with the official announcement.  In the meantime, you can read an ongoing thread over on FreeRepublic.  Seeing as there are a lot of Military and Civilian Military Support Personnel and Families that frequent the site I would expect the comments will be pretty raw right now.  This will not go over well at all with many of the bravest citizens in our country whom we all owe a great debt of gratitude to…  You can read more information here: “Obama Giving Up in Iraq; To Make it Official Tomorrow; All [Brigades] Out In 16-Months“.


The Democrats’ Planned Assault on the U.S. Constitution

Make no mistake about it, change is certainly in store for the United States if the Democrats, under the leadership of one Barack H. Obama, get their way.  However, it is not the kind of change a majority of people in these United States are wanting, nor hoping for.  Contrary to the popular notion that Obama’s supporters would like the world to believe, Obama did not receive a “Landslide Victory” as they appear to think.  The truth is — many U.S. citizens do NOT vote, and many NON-U.S. Citizens have been found TO vote in our elections.  And, many of his supporters either don’t understand socialism, some don’t realize that Obama’s “Change” stands for socialism, and some are convinced — for God only knows what reason — that Socialism/Communism is a good thing!

U.S. Elections & Associated Problems

The U.S. Constitution is the most important document that stand as the Law above all others in our country.  It assure our God-given Rights of Liberty, Justice, and Freedom, and constrains the Government from abusing its citizen "employers".

The U.S. Constitution is the most important document that stand as the Law above all others in our country. It assures our God-given Rights of Liberty, Justice, and Freedom, and constrains the Government from abusing its citizen "employers".

To get started with the basics, we have what could be called a Democratically Elected Representative Constitutionally Regulated Republic-Style Government in place in the United States.  While over the years the states have lost more and more power to the Federal Government (which was not supposed to happen, and which was, incidentally the REAL reason for the Civil War, but I digress)… The government leaders that sit in Washington D.C. are supposed to obey the United States Constitution, and be answerable to the people if they violate it.  Too often it seems as if we have no control whatsoever over those in Washington – even if they SAY they will stand for one position, too often they “flip-flop” or vote for something they should stand against, in exchange for pork barrel projects that reward their campaign contributors and the people in their home districts.  The more powerful a Congressmen, the more reward they can give, and thus the more power they earn — a vicious cycle rife with corruption.

Unless we demand accountability in Washington, and demand the other branches of Government to perform the checks and balances necessary to assure our Country and its Citizens’ Rights and Protections, we don’t stand a chance against Man’s greed and the influence of corruption inherent in politics.

I don’t care which party you favor in the general elections — you CANNOT think that there are not crucial problems with our electoral system.  There are too many opportunities for abuse, and not enough checks and balances in place in our modern system to assure an untampered with vote.  Even the need to turn around the numbers so quickly so the Media can “call the election” (most times before the West even CLOSES their ballot boxes) and “get on with it”.  It is my wish to see our electoral system adjusted so that we can assure that the people really are getting their voices heard.  We need more assurance that our vote is counted, and counted correctly.

Little ACORNS Grow Into Trees of Fraud

"Little ACORNS Grow Into Trees of Fraud"

One of the ways that this issue presented itself during this last election was the presence of Federal Investigations into organizations such as ACORN, and the banking scandals, and the mortgage crisis.  Just like the bumper sticker I designed states, “Little ACORNS grow into trees of fraud”, and it’s the truth.  That Obama won the election, and that he was very much tied to these organizations through those that supported him, and voted for him should serve as no surprise.

The real trick now, in taking back our government — for the people and by the people — is to assure that these types of abuses can never happen again.  I’m not sure at this exact moment how best to go about that but, you can be damn sure I’ll be thinking about it seriously.  [And, just in case anyone got the wrong idea, I am definitely not interested in violence either…  Those that would advocate such at this point do NOT value the Freedom and Liberty we do have, IMHO.]  What we really need to work on is educating the people of this country about the truth of socialism/Communism that the enemies of Freedom have proposed to foist upon us.

Bills Already Introduced, and Some “On the Way”

We’ll go through the following one at a time, and quickly address the important issues in each.  In the future each of these specific bills will receive its own entry, but for now, being aware of what’s coming down the pike would be a good idea.  The following proposals are each destructive to our Constitutional Republic in a variety of ways, that people should be made aware of.  If we stand together as a people and voice our opposition, there is a chance we can prevent these Acts from passing, and as a result be able to hold our Representatives accountable for their behavior in our names.  I only have time to review a couple of these bills at this time, but rest assured, there are more I will address in future posts that I will be writing as soon as I’m able to do so.

1.) Freedom of Speech & the Fairness Doctrine — Yet again, the Democrats are dusting off this draconian policy and attempting to stifle the First Amendment.  They propagandize this to the people of America as “presenting both sides” however, this assure that the major two parties only get their ideas and beliefs expressed, and in America there is far from anything resembling only two opinions.  That’s the first thing that’s flawed and wrong about this as far as the interests of the country’s citizens.

The second thing that is wrong with this legislation is that it established government control over the ability of various sources of information and media, and affect the Freedom of the Press, and the People’s Rights to express their viewpoints through support and association with certain groups of people — most of whom share a certain set of political beliefs.  It is better to offer the freedom of “all sides” to maintain a presence in the public discourse, especially encouraging a wide variety of inclusive viewpoints, than it is to espouse only two set, standard “government approved” sides to an argument.  What are they going to do — patrol and license various media personalities to make sure that what they are saying on the air, or in print fits a certain line — all dictated by them?

This is indeed what all “good socialists”, and “good little communists” do when they take power within a country.  They go after the Freedom of Dissent, and the Freedom of Speech.  Make no doubt about it, this is exactly what Obama and his fellow Democrats within the U.S. Congress are planning to do by first passing the “Fairness Doctrine” and specifically targetting popular radio personalities – first the Conservative ones, but then the “Leftie” ones that disagree with the “wing” of the party in charge as well.  All information reaching the public will then be scrutinized by the Government, FIRST and our rights will then no longer be in the hands of the individual citizens.  And THIS my fellow Americans means that they have then taken away the First Amendment of the Constitution.  Step One… Accomplished…

[A Short History & Current Events Lesson: All of the “greats” within the Socialist/Communist world have started with this exact same step.  One only needs to look at the world as it stands around us right now.  Look at those leaders who are in power in the various boldly Socialist/Communist/Fascist governments currently in power (Venezuela (Chavez), Cuba (Castro), Russia (Putin & Medvedev – see here), Iran (Ahmadinejad & the Mullahtocracy), Syria (Assad & his Associates), China (The Chinese Communist Party), and look at those “great” dictators in history of the various Communist/Socialist/Fascist movements (Stalin (and other Russian leaders), Hitler, Mussolini,  Mao Tse Tung, etc…). ]

Obama is a self-admitted Socialist (see thie YouTube Video – “2001 Obama Interview with WBEZ.FM”), and a friend and close associate of admitted and known Communist Revolutionaries, as well as other dictators (like his tribal relative back in Kenya – Raila Odingo), and various other criminals and those of questionable character in the radical “leftist” movement (not to mentione. (Back to Odinga for a moment… Obama’s friendship, and support was given to those who under Odinga’s leadership and tolerance were those Muslim terrorists and murderers who persecuted and killed Christians, and demanded blood for power within Kenya itself — and all of this he did by spending U.S. taxpayer’s money to physically campaign for Odinga during Kenya’s elections, as well as, according to some from within the campaign — with the knowledge of their plans for a violent outcome should Odinga lose said election (see this You Tube Video – “Barack Obama & Raila Odinga“).)

We must stop the plans for the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” or leave ourselves with one step accomplished in an effort to control the populace and transfer more power to the Federal Government.  For more information on the Fairness Doctrine, please see the “keyword at the left”, or read this past posting on the “Liberty Rocks” blog: Democrats for Censorship ( or Freedom of Speech vs. the Fairness Doctrine).

2.) Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 [H.R. 45 — Sponsor Bobby Rush [D-IL]] – This bill is being offered for passage by the Demcorat Congress by Obama’s fellow Chicago politician and former Black Panther “Community Organizing” Leader Bobby Rush.  This proposed law would make it possible for future politicians to utilize the system and effectively create a system whereby guns could easily be confiscated, and/or the licensed owners of guns tracked down.  Always remember — at the end of the law is a gun pointing at you to somehow take you into custody at the hands of government agents, or other Law Enforcement Officers.  Never view a piece of legislation as “good for us” if it violates the U.S. Constitution.  If it is Unconstitutional it is not needed, nor is it wanted within the United States and those who value freedom and protection from an oppressive government.

Gun Control is a losing proposition for peacable people within every country it has been accomplished within.  If you talk to some immigrants that have lived under oppressive rule who come to America, or if one could speak to victims of Gun Control (like the Jews that died in the Warsaw Ghetto) the one thing they would tell you is not to let yourself be disarmed as you then have no protection against a government that will always, eventually be run by someone who really does want to control you and use you, and in some cases even kill you if you dare disagree, or sometimes just because you exist.

This is why those that care about the U.S. Constitution and our Second Amendment guaranteeing us the right to bear arms for the protection of our rights guaranteed by said Constitution must stand against this bill.  He has no co-sponsors as of yet, but that doesn’t mean much in a Congress that is seriously tipped in favor of one ideology over another — in this case we are dealing with Socialists and Communists.  Just like silencing their critics, the other thing all dictatorial Governments with absolute power over the people do to keep big brother’s eyes upon them is to strip them of the means of self-defense.  Again, as with the First Amendment, all of the “great” Socialist/Communist leaders need to exert control by excessive force upon the people to keep power.  Obama’s Socialist government is no exception — here we see introduced H.R. 45 which pushes the door wide open for future abuse of over-reaching power in the Federal Government in opposition to the written Constitution.

Here’s the other thing that must always be mentioned about Gun Control Legislation – only those who would already obey the law are governed by them.  What I’m trying to say is this: Do you really think a criminal bent on achieving their will by any means necessary is going to car what some stack of books says in the Capitol Building about what they are about to do?  Obviously that answer is now — so why do you think the government should pass a law preventing others from protecting themselves, and their fellow citizens from harm.  The police are only legally there “after the fact” and to apprehend and punish the abuser of the laws – not those affected by them, even though nowadays most police departments try to offer Victims of Crime and other Survivors a wide range of services.

We need to stand together to make sure that this bill never even gets close to a signature on Barack Obama’s desk as we know he would not veto it, but would definitely make it law.  In the past Obama has already stated his desire to restrict the ownership and possession of firearms of all sorts – especially those needed to protect oneself from home invasion, or a criminal in a large urban area (where the risk to one’s life and personal property is far greater) and to precisely those who need them most.  Bobby Rush lead the Chicago “chapter” of the Black Panther Terrorist Organization.  They prayed on people’s fears and worries in exerting pressure over their fellow citizens.  They were also the type that didn’t respect laws meant for “others” or to supposedly “keep them down”, and they supported, and were supported by Communists/Socialists as well.  It will only mean more power for them if they don’t have to worry about an armed populace any longer — well, at least until the government cracks down on them as well.

We will look at this bill again in future posts, and I’ll try to keep everyone up-to-date on it as I’m able to as well as bring you more information regarding the Democrats’ plans for our country.  It’s important we don’t let any of this legislation pass.  It will be harder and harder as we experience the “change” that their “progressive” agenda will attempt to establish in their effort to gain pure and complete control and implement their version of Socialism/Communism within the U.S..

MUST SEE: Documentary on Weather Underground – Ties to Obama

If you want to learn what Bill Ayes, Bernardine Dohrn, the Weather Underground (Weathermen Organization), and the rest of these COMMUNIST REVOLUTIONARIES are all about watch this full-length Feature Documentary on now available on Google Video.  The Documentary contains a wealth of information, archival footage, interviews and more…

People need to take notice – Obama is a COMMUNIST, he is a REVOLUTIONARY who is committed to the overthrow of our Government to turn the US into the USSA (United SOVIET States of America)!  This is not about being “anti-war”, it is not about “Rights”, it is about REVOLUTION – and it is NOT peaceful, and their plans will DESTROY our Country, our Constitution, and everything that makes this country the great nation it really is.

This is the last bastion of true Freedom in the WORLD – do not let the Communists take over.  This is not an exaggeration.  Do the research, and follow the trails – they even lead directly to HAVANA (Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuba), Huge Chavez in Venezuela (he now OWNS via his COMMUNIST takeover a Voting Machine Company that has supplied machines for OUR ELECTION in November), and directly back to MOSCOW (where PUTIN is not even putting up a front anymore – he was quoted as speaking to a COMMUNIST PARTY meeting 2 days ago!  He said he thought they should, “put back together OUR UNION” meaning the SOVIET UNION!).

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, there is still time to stop this.  Remember – it’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you and this isn’t some type of “fear-mongering” effort.  The fear is REAL, the threat is REAL – Obama is NOT our FRIEND!



Who does Obama “hang with”?

There are less than 30 days before the Presidential Election, and things are REALLY ramping up on both sides…

One of the issues that Conservatives and Republicans have been trying to inform America’s voters about are the “men behind the man” – that is, Obama’s friends, mentors, advisors, contributors, business associates and staff members.  When one takes a close look at who makes up Obama’s social network one finds a truly frightening group of people — a group that includes known Domestic Terrorists, Racists, Islamic Radicals, Communists, and Criminals.

Obama’s campaign has tried to deflect any negatives arising out of his associations with these people by saying that he doesn’t really know them that well at all.  This is the same method of minimizing that he tried to use when confronted with Reverend Jeremiah Wright Sr. whom Obama identified as his “Spiritual Mentor”.  It didn’t work too well for Obama when he tried to imply that he had no idea that Rev. Wright held Anti-American, and racist views stemming from his interpretation of the “Black Values System” (a Black-Identity Religious Ideaology that is loosely based on Christianity).  Obama was in fact a member of Wright’s church for over 20 years, and credits Wright with “bringing him to Jesus”.

Obama is trying this method yet again in relation to Bill Ayers, a known Communist Radical Terrorist who according to his own words is “guilty as hell” for bombing the Capitol Building and the Pentagon during the Vietnam War as part of the group he founded: The Weatherman (aka The Weather Underground).  Obama originally said that Ayers was, “Just a guy in my neighborhood”.  The truth is a much different story…

Ayers and Obama go “way back”.  It was Bill Ayers who gave Obama’s political career a “kick-start” by hiring him to sit on the board of the Chicago Annenburg Challenge.  Obama and Ayers also sat together on the Board of the “Woods Foundation” – a liberal organization in Chicago.  Ayers gave Obama’s political career another “kick-start” by launching Obama’s Illinois State Senate Campaign in the living room of his home.  Far from being just “some guy” in Obama’s neighborhood it is a known fact that they are much more than mere acquaintaces that wave to each other when they pick up their papers in the morning!

The list of Obama’s dubious ties with many known Communists, Radicals, Terrorists & Terrorist Supporters, Criminals, Racists and others is long…  Far from being the stuff of “Change” Obama’s judgement, and his associations point to just more “Politics as Usual” – especially as a Chicago Politician.  [For those who may not know, Chicago is infamous for the “Daley Political Machine”.  This Democrat political system basically assures that if one wants to “make it in Chicago” as a politician they have to know exactly whose hands to grease, exactly what beliefs one needs to hold and put forward (lock-step with the liberal agenda), and you also have to know how to “fight dirty”.  For nothing in Chicago politics is “clean”.  Obama is just another in a long line of Corrupt, Dirty and Lying Chicago Politicians.]

Well, as you can tell, I could really go on and on about all of this…  Truly one could write a very interesting book based solely on Obama’s shady dealings, and ties to these individuals.

Rather than go into listing every single associate and their history I would like to direct you to a website that makes all the connections between Obama and these people easy to see, and also includes a wealth of information about the people themselves.  That website is: BarackBook.com.

I think you’ll also agree that Barackbook.com includes a humorous layout, spoofing on the very famous “Facebook.com”.  The site itself injects a bit of levity in what otherwise is a scary and very serious issue.  The information compiled at this site is fascinating.  Be sure also to follow the links to other sites associated with it!  You will learn a LOT about Obama, Biden, and the cast of characters behind the Obama Campaign!