VIDEO: I Invented the Internet (Episode 4 – Kill & Destroy)

The following is a must-see video about Obama and his history in the Illinois Senate in regards to late-term abortions.  Interviewed in the video is Jill Stanek who worked as a nurse at Christ Hospital in the Chicagoland area, and was familiar with the practices associated with partial birth & late-term abortions.  She also explains what happened as a bill to prevent the cruel deaths of babies born alive in spite of a botched abortion attempt.

I can’t even tell you how disturbing some of the information that she shares is.  There is no excuse for some of these practices, and the state bill modeled after the Federal Legislation was voted down by Barack Obama – this is NOT what Obama is saying now, and Ms. Stanek explains why.

I Invented the Internet – Episode 4: Kill & Destroy