Who does Obama “hang with”?

There are less than 30 days before the Presidential Election, and things are REALLY ramping up on both sides…

One of the issues that Conservatives and Republicans have been trying to inform America’s voters about are the “men behind the man” – that is, Obama’s friends, mentors, advisors, contributors, business associates and staff members.  When one takes a close look at who makes up Obama’s social network one finds a truly frightening group of people — a group that includes known Domestic Terrorists, Racists, Islamic Radicals, Communists, and Criminals.

Obama’s campaign has tried to deflect any negatives arising out of his associations with these people by saying that he doesn’t really know them that well at all.  This is the same method of minimizing that he tried to use when confronted with Reverend Jeremiah Wright Sr. whom Obama identified as his “Spiritual Mentor”.  It didn’t work too well for Obama when he tried to imply that he had no idea that Rev. Wright held Anti-American, and racist views stemming from his interpretation of the “Black Values System” (a Black-Identity Religious Ideaology that is loosely based on Christianity).  Obama was in fact a member of Wright’s church for over 20 years, and credits Wright with “bringing him to Jesus”.

Obama is trying this method yet again in relation to Bill Ayers, a known Communist Radical Terrorist who according to his own words is “guilty as hell” for bombing the Capitol Building and the Pentagon during the Vietnam War as part of the group he founded: The Weatherman (aka The Weather Underground).  Obama originally said that Ayers was, “Just a guy in my neighborhood”.  The truth is a much different story…

Ayers and Obama go “way back”.  It was Bill Ayers who gave Obama’s political career a “kick-start” by hiring him to sit on the board of the Chicago Annenburg Challenge.  Obama and Ayers also sat together on the Board of the “Woods Foundation” – a liberal organization in Chicago.  Ayers gave Obama’s political career another “kick-start” by launching Obama’s Illinois State Senate Campaign in the living room of his home.  Far from being just “some guy” in Obama’s neighborhood it is a known fact that they are much more than mere acquaintaces that wave to each other when they pick up their papers in the morning!

The list of Obama’s dubious ties with many known Communists, Radicals, Terrorists & Terrorist Supporters, Criminals, Racists and others is long…  Far from being the stuff of “Change” Obama’s judgement, and his associations point to just more “Politics as Usual” – especially as a Chicago Politician.  [For those who may not know, Chicago is infamous for the “Daley Political Machine”.  This Democrat political system basically assures that if one wants to “make it in Chicago” as a politician they have to know exactly whose hands to grease, exactly what beliefs one needs to hold and put forward (lock-step with the liberal agenda), and you also have to know how to “fight dirty”.  For nothing in Chicago politics is “clean”.  Obama is just another in a long line of Corrupt, Dirty and Lying Chicago Politicians.]

Well, as you can tell, I could really go on and on about all of this…  Truly one could write a very interesting book based solely on Obama’s shady dealings, and ties to these individuals.

Rather than go into listing every single associate and their history I would like to direct you to a website that makes all the connections between Obama and these people easy to see, and also includes a wealth of information about the people themselves.  That website is: BarackBook.com.

I think you’ll also agree that Barackbook.com includes a humorous layout, spoofing on the very famous “Facebook.com”.  The site itself injects a bit of levity in what otherwise is a scary and very serious issue.  The information compiled at this site is fascinating.  Be sure also to follow the links to other sites associated with it!  You will learn a LOT about Obama, Biden, and the cast of characters behind the Obama Campaign!