The Friends & Mentors

Use the following links to find out more about Obama’s Friends, Mentors, and Associates… (more to be added soon including info. on William Ayers, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright)…


A special section of information developed by Jeff Head.  It contains everything you need to know to understand they people that Obama works with day-to-day, and over the last few decades.

Violent Terrorist-Appeaser and Sympathizer Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga –


– Obama & Odinga:
Overview of Obama and Odinga’s Relationship, the Kenyan Election, and the Genocidal Methods that Odinga and his followers used to gain power in Kenya.
[ Short Version – ]

– Interview of NY Times Bestseller “Obamanation” author, Jerome Corsi following his recent trip to Kenya to launch his book, where he was held at gunpoint for a day without food, and deported from the country in the middle of the night.

Unrepentant Communist “Revolutionary” Anti-US Terrorist William Ayers –

I will be posting some of my own research and writing about Mr. Ayers and the friendship and partnerships between he and Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama.  In the meantime, you can learn a great deal by visiting the websites, articles, and information found in the list below that I have run across while reading about this subject, and William “Bill” Ayers.

More information coming very soon!

Frank Marshall Davis – Communist, Pedophile, Family Friend

Obama and his Pedophile Mentor (Frank Marshall Davis)” here @


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